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Welcome to Divine Designs and Creations, LLC.

About Us

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Divine Designs and Creations, LLC. was derived from my lifelong battle with eczema, dry, blotchy and sensitive skin. Growing up there were not many natural skin products to assist with relief from my symptoms. After trying product after product, my skin continued to dry and break out in rashes. Even in my adult years, I continued experiencing skin flare-ups that affected my everyday life.

After much research, I began producing skin care products using all-natural ingredients that worked wonders while improving the overall appearance and health of my skin. Because there are many people that experience the same or even worse skin conditions as myself, I decided to share my holistic approach to skin care by providing organic made to order skin care products. 

Also, I have suffered from reoccurring pain due to past injuries and did not want to take refuge in constant medications for pain relief. After much research, I have taken the holistic approach with natural pain relief products that provide safe and extended relief. 

At Divine Designs and Creations, our goal is to provide affordable natural skin care, natural hair care and wellness products while making the customer our #1 priority and upholding the quality of our products.